Get that baby his own class!

Are you sleeping, Brother John? Poor Baby Brother, he gets dragged to every dance class and gets no activity that is “his!” And poor Baby Sister, how many times in and out of the car seat does she go? Between Preschool, the grocery store, soccer practice…Let’s face it, Baby Brother craves one-on-one with Mama and… Continue reading →

I found my hands!

4 to 6 months One of the biggest changes that will occur during these months is that the parts of your baby’s brain that coordinate sight and touch are now integrating the incoming sensory information. This enables your baby to figure out where her hands are in space (thanks to the proprioceptive system), and make them… Continue reading →

Consider this

Did you ever suppose a significant yet unlikely economic driver could be school teachers? I hadn’t considered it until recently. During a Starbucks visit, I overheard a young couple with a newborn meeting with a realtor. “New Parents 101: Time to move to the ‘burbs.” Mom and Dad were doing their due diligence as parents… Continue reading →

Dress Up: Not just for Halloween

Regardless of how you feel about Halloween, there are some huge benefits to playing dress up. Author Jana Murphy sums it up nicely, in her wonderful book, The Secret Lives of Toddlers: A Parent’s Guide to the Wonderful, Terrible, Fascinating Behavior of Children Ages 1-3. “Why Do Toddlers Love to Dress Up? Sometimes a hat is… Continue reading →

Confession: I love to color

I do love to color. I like practicing different techniques, like dark outlines with lighter filling in. Or, coloring all in one direction for one color and then coloring in a perpendicular direction for a color next to that one. Shading, mixing colors, coloring things the “wrong” color. I always surprise myself by how much… Continue reading →