I found my hands!

4 to 6 months One of the biggest changes that will occur during these months is that the parts of your baby’s brain that coordinate sight and touch are now integrating… Read More

Consider this

Did you ever suppose a significant yet unlikely economic driver could be school teachers? I hadn’t considered it until recently. During a Starbucks visit, I overheard a young couple with… Read More

Start ’em young!

Chores. It's what we're talking about today. Why? Because kids need chores. They need to grow up from an early age to understand that we all have responsibilities and being… Read More

Afterschool Reunion

Oh, where does the day go? Maybe you got to run some errands all by yourself, listening to the radio on the way, or maybe you took a walk, even… Read More

Fun this Fall!

The calendar says that Fall is officially here! This is the season for fun pumpkin pictures with the kiddos, so make sure you charge up the cameras and get out… Read More