Spring 2013 Themes

We like EASY! If you were already in Kindermusik this fall, nothing further is needed. If not, get enrolled today! If you have the materials below from an older child,… Read More

Clap HOORAY for a NEW Location!

St. Alcuin  (on Churchill Way, between Hillcrest and Preston) Consider joining us with your child on the gorgeous St. Alcuin Montessori campus starting in September. These classes are open to… Read More
Rainbow xylophone

Don’t! Stop!

I’ve had my share of moments when I’ve told a child, “Stop running” or “Don’t touch.” But I am proud to say most of those moments are in the past… Read More

Family Appreciation Day 2012

180 children! 400ish people! 100 popsicles! 648 pair of underpants! What a day! We had abundant sunshine, fun-filled train rides, and scads of fun families for the SoundSteps Family Appreciation… Read More