What Spectrum?

At Carson’s 15-month-old check-up, he wasn’t pointing, he wasn’t clapping very much and he rarely waved goodbye. He had his dozen words but that was about it for him, verbally.… Read More

It’s a SoundSteps Pep Rally!

Wow! When we read this article about practical tips that can help prepare kids academically and socially, Miss Lisa and I lit up with a thousand follow-up thoughts, aggressive head-nods and… Read More

Don’t miss Fall!

I have lived in Dallas 15 Falls and it's my favorite month for gorgeous weather. No, it's not crisp and cool New England with glowing trees, but we'll take what… Read More

Tea is for Time

You know, I think the British have something with tea time. Tea time is typically around four or five o'clock. Of course, hot tea is served and usually some sort… Read More
Little girl in fall coat and leaves

Fall Fun

It may not seem very Fall-ish out there right now, but cooler temps are bound to prevail...soon? Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of activities, inside and outside, that… Read More

Afterschool Reunion

Oh, where does the day go? Maybe you got to run some errands all by yourself, listening to the radio on the way, or maybe you took a walk, even… Read More

Fun this Fall!

The calendar says that Fall is officially here! This is the season for fun pumpkin pictures with the kiddos, so make sure you charge up the cameras and get out… Read More

Music + Brain = MAGIC!

Music is a natural language for all children. This is why you hear children singing made-up stories to themselves, singing “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo,” and humming in the swing. Although it doesn’t come… Read More