Dallas Music Lessons

Summer 2012

  Reserve your spot today We won't charge you until June 1 Please note that summer enrollment is separate from school year enrollment so EVERYONE must save a spot with… Read More

Feed the Brain Juice!

One of the many things I love about Kindermusik is how beneficial it is to the development of the brain. Kindermusik aids in physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development.… Read More

Living TV Free

Giddy bride in a white dress, adoringly speaking naive vows to the man I was committing to share my life with; that was me--23 years ago. He was a student… Read More

Behavior 101

Moving through the day with a toddler can be an exercise in patience and communication. We never want to motivate with anger or fear, but frustration is a close cousin… Read More

Maximize Creative Play!

For every hour in front of a screen, 10 percent less time is spent in creative play. --AAP Screen Time Warnings Every parent needs to make it through the day,… Read More

Something’s Missing

"For every hour in front of a screen, 52 minutes less time is spent interacting with a parent."--Screen Time Warnings from the AAP So what’s wrong with a little educational… Read More

Tooting Our Own Horns

I’m feeling pretty smug right now. I’m looking at a picture of my greatest “assets” as the director of SoundSteps. When I found each of these excellent educators, I kept… Read More

2012 Excuse Busters!

Plans! I have such plans! The road ahead is so blank and beautiful. White and wonderful. High, high hopes have I. Unfortunately, like my dad used to say, "Jennifer Lynn… Read More

So-long 2011, Hello 2012

It seems so cliche, and I hate to be a cliche, but there's no getting around the facts that the end of something demands reflection and the beginning of something… Read More