Child Development

I can do it!

Do you have an emerging leader? A world changer? A child on a mission? Then you probably have a toddler. And you probably have a serious case of exhaustion! It's… Read More

What’s Mine is Yours

Those seagulls from Finding Nemo always make me laugh. They have one thing on the brain: themselves. As for our children, from about 2-7 years old, they are a lot… Read More

The Ubiquitous iPad

Robert and I recently returned from a short vacation. We knew "everyone" had an iPad but had no idea the extent to which this modern miracle has truly become ubiquitous. On… Read More

I found my hands!

4 to 6 months One of the biggest changes that will occur during these months is that the parts of your baby’s brain that coordinate sight and touch are now integrating… Read More
Rainbow xylophone

Don’t! Stop!

I’ve had my share of moments when I’ve told a child, “Stop running” or “Don’t touch.” But I am proud to say most of those moments are in the past… Read More